McHenry County Substance Use Disorder Treatment Needs Assessment – June 11, 2018
The McHenry County Mental Health Board (MCMHB) is charged with supporting consistent and quality care for substance use disorders. This report provides an analysis of the current state of available treatment provision, need for such treatment, and where residents currently receive treatment.

McHenry County Autism Spectrum Disorder Needs Assessment
The McHenry County Mental Health Board (MHB) commissioned this study to assess the current state of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Services in McHenry County, thus providing a necessary framework for determining what services are most needed in the community.

McHenry County Adolescent Psychiatric Service Report – June 30, 2017
The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate the current environment of child and adolescent psychiatric services in McHenry County to help answer whether more inpatient services are needed, or whether alternate opportunities can meet the community’s needs. This report will provide an analysis of the need, the challenges present in supporting development of services, and methods in which the County could address the concerns raised by the community