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Always Daring Distraction: ADHD and struggling with Substance Abuse on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm presented by Cheri Demoss, Counselor, MA, LCPC, CAADC, MAC, NCADCII


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Note from presenter: This particular workshop is especially designed to engage professionals with ADHD (over 70% of the professionals who signed up for this workshop in the past had ADHD which gave the other 30% the feeling of what it is like. This is helpful in fostering participant engagement). 


The ADHD person’s brain is always daring distraction – constantly seeking new ideas, thoughts, experiences.  They come up with new solution to problems, creative innovation to something tried and true without any of this being seen for the asset that it is.  ADHD people have been taught that their neuro-divergency is a belief in their own “brokenness” more consistently and more directly that neuro-typical people.  The focus is on the struggles of being neuro-divergent as well as highlight the unique strengths, energy, intelligence of those with ADHD.  We will focus on the assets the ADHD person bring to the table and look at some of the most effective coping skills and strategies.

This workshop is designed to be fun, engaging, and interactive with audience participation in roleplays, magical demonstrations, and group exercises devised to highlight the message of the training. This generates an interactive atmosphere intended to create an ongoing learning process throughout the presentation.

Presenter Overview:

Cheri DeMoss, MA, LCPC, CADC, NCADCII, MAC, founder and director of Empowering Options® Counseling and Psychotherapy specializes in educational therapy. Empowering Options offers Educational therapy provides key information; clear insights and innovative techniques clients can use immediately to begin to resolve issues and concerns. By teaming new information with fresh ways to look at long-standing beliefs, reactions, and behavior patterns you can create the changes you want. Whether you want to improve your relationship, alleviate depression, or be more pro-active in your life – many of the things we struggle with come from not having relevant knowledge that we can turn into action.

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